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Goodbye Mr Chips

Mr Chipping is the type of schoolmaster that a boy would remember forever. He is kind and considerate and yet still values learning and education with the best of them. He is kindly known as Mr Chips.


The drama is another adaptation of the book of which there have been numerous. Every now and again ITV produce one of these adaptations which are lovely to watch. (See The Railway Children!)

Martin Clunes plays Mr Chips from a young school master to the extremely aging headmaster, who can recall many of his students, most lost in the war.

Eddie plays Rushton. His mother has died and he was ‘blubbing’ Mr Chips saves him from some boys who were bullying him and quite horrifically trying to hang him.

Eddie is looked after by Mrs Chips and is the one who breaks the awful news to the class. He's only in it for about four minutes which is a shame, he's so sweet.


Rory plays Alderdyce, he has a lot to do with Mr Chips as in his first year at school he is bullied terribly. He’s not very athletic and the other boys pick on him. All in the name of tradition, apparently.


Rory is very sweet as the awkward Alderdyce as Chips helps him and he in a way helps chips. He helps chips to overcome many old, awful traditions that the old fashioned school masters revel in.